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New office, computer and information systems require training for staff. This component is often forgotten in a new roll-out but it’s the most important part of the implementation. We deliver that training.

Environmental Database Programs


Environmental Database Programs 

Geology and Environmental study has been made simpler with many new database driven applications to allow for storage of sampling and descriptive data.

These apps can be difficult to set up however once configured they can really make your life easier.

We do that set-up, then deliver training programs suited to your individual business to ensure successful implementation of your new app.


Microsoft Sharepoint 

Microsoft Sharepoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office.

It can be configured to a wide range of requirements however it can be complicated to set up. We have the skills to customise Sharepoint to your particular requirements. 

Once implemented, we deliver a comprehensive training program to your staff to ensure the software is being used to its maximum benefit.

Microsoft Sharepoint Queensberry Consulting
Telephony rollout Western Australia


Telephony Rollouts 

Telephones, computers and CRM’s are all merging into one system. It’s called ICT (information communication technology) and it offers enormous benefits in terms of business efficiency. 

It can be complex to set up a new ICT system. We have the skills to implement things correctly. Once set up we deliver customised training to your staff so the new system is used to its full benefit.